2012/07/04: 4th of July 5k (race report)

I had intended for this to be a short RR, and it’s still shorter than most of mine are, but not as short as I’d planned.

Summary:  I decided a few days ago to run a 5k on the 4th of July and to dress up for it.  Hubby ran it with me.  I wasn’t expecting a PR.  I PR’d by 39 seconds and ran the course 50 seconds quicker than I did 6 months ago when it was a lot cooler.

My running schedule the past week or so had taken a back seat to more pressing priorities, specifically some long (12-hour) days at work in addition to wanting to spend some spare time with my husband instead of running on the couple days we’ve both had off.  As a result, I don’t consider myself to be in the best place, physically of mentally.

Nevertheless, a few days ago, I remembered the 4th of July was coming up and that I have a 4th of July running outfit (namely a skirt) that I’ve only worn on races on that day.  So I found a 5k and signed up. My husband said he wanted to do it too, which surprised me since he doesn’t get back from work until early in the morning and the race was in the morning.

In addition to my red and white skirt, I have a blue shirt I chose to wear and some garland type stuff.  I also wanted to paint my nails festively.  The only thing missing that I really wanted was knee-high patriotic socks, which are non-existent in Las Vegas in the middle of summer.  Last night, I chose to take a pair of white socks and scour Michaels craft store for some decorations.  I was happy with my ensemble.  Everything in moderation, including moderation. 😉

This is what I was wearing before I left the house this morning:

And this is a close-up of my nails, which I painted myself the night before.  They’re not perfect, but considering it only took about 10 minutes, it was a combo of nail polish and white out pen, and I could only keep it on for a day, I was satisfied:

When we got to the race site, we were sursprised that it was a bit overcast, meaning it was a bit cooler weather than we’d had lately, but more humid too.  I nixed the hat due to the lack of sun and added some stickers for extra “flair.”

The course wasn’t too exciting.  It was about 2 laps around an auto dealership, a small out and back, and then 3/4 around the same lot.  I did a slow 2-mile warm up prior to the race.  On an ideal day, I figured I could PR since the course was relatively flat, but under the circumstances, I was really just doing it for fun.  I normally look up my PR before races to have a reference point, but I forgot to do that for this one.  I knew my PR, though, was 28:xx.

As it turned out, my PR up to this point had been 28:12, set almost a year and a half ago.  I’d run the same course as the one today in December in a time of 28:23.  I really wasn’t going for a PR today, but I knew I was in better shape than I was last year or even 6 months ago.
Right after I started running, I realized that my garland “necklace” would not stay in place.  After about a mile, I realized that if I reached up with my left hand and held it, it didn’t really affect my running form and it wouldn’t go all over the place.

My husband ran every step with me.  We hit the first mile in 8:46.  The next miles was in 8:43.  Right after the 2-mile point, I began coughing a lot and slowed down a little bit, but just kept pressing on as I knew we were almost to the finish.  The third mile was our slowest, 9:10.  We sped up the last .11 and ran that in 0:47, according to my Garmin.  Also according to my Garmin, our finish time was 27:26, although this was based off of the time we crossed the start line and we were a few seconds back (and only the finish time was counted… so it was “chip timed” but there was only a mat at the finish.

When we checked the monitor at the finish, it said we’d both finished in 27:31, although when we looked online later, it was a couple seconds slower (me in 27:33 and hubby in 27:34).  That’s a 39-second PR for me.  And it was 50 seconds faster than I’d run the same course 6 months ago when it was significantly cooler.
All in all, a good experience, after which I got to spend the rest of the day with my hubby (which is quite rare since we work very different shifts on different days).

This was taken during the race:

And this was taken afterward:



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