2011/11/19: Turkey Trot 10k (race report)

I hadn’t *planned* to do a 10k this weekend, but when I looked at my training plan, it showed that my next run, which I intended to do today was a “faster” 6-miler.  There was also a local 10k, coincidentally.  So, I decided to run it.

The race started at 6am, which is the earliest starting race I’ve done.  The race location was about 30 minutes away, so I had to wake up at 4:15am.

Anyway, the course was around the parking lot, down and back on a street, and then back into the parking lot.  The first and last miles were each pretty flat, but miles 2 and 3 were downhill and 4 and 5 were uphill.  That’s my least favorite design of a race.  I actually prefer to do the harder part first, or even to have rolling hills, but long inclines (despite how gradual they are).  Anyway, I hit 3.1 miles on my Garmin a little under 30 minutes, which I was happy with.  However, I knew my second half would be slower, which I didn’t like; my running coach also doesn’t like positive splits (although elevation at different parts does justify it sometimes).

Anyway, in the last two and a half miles or so (which is when I started paying attention), I passed 13 people, including one lady who had been the only one in that stretch who’d passed me.  That was pretty exciting.  I also sped up and raced this one girl the last tenth of a mile or so (although she peeled off at the last second and didn’t run through the finish line for some reason).

My official time was 1:00:42 according to the race web site, which conflicts slightly with the 1:00:37 that was displayed right after the race.  Regardless, whichever time it was, I was happy with it.  It was not chip timed, so my finish time was based on gun time.

My previous 10k PR had been 1:04:23, meaning that I PR’d by over 3 and a half minutes!

This once again reaffirms that running more often and putting more miles in has the potential to make a person faster. 🙂

Oh, also, instead of a t-shirt, all entrants got a sweatshirt, which was a nice touch!



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