2010/07/04-05: Freedom Day 4-Miler and Independence Day 5k (race report)

I  wanted to share today’s race I did!  I hadn’t been doing any races lately (in over 2 months, which is a long break for me).  I’m running with a marathon training group that does its long runs on Saturday mornings, so it’s difficult to fit in races, which also tend to be on Saturdays.  Plus, I’ve been trying to save some money.

About 2 weeks ago, I was browsing the local race calendar and found a Freedom Day 4-miler on a Sunday, which was only $18 for military, so I signed up.  I then saw that there was another race the next day, on the 5th, which is a federal holiday.  It was a 5k, and for $20 supporting a good cause (children’s home), I thought it was worth it.

Saturday I did my long run: 9 miles of rolling hills along the access road of a local highway (11:55 pace).  I had no expectations for the 2 races but than to just have fun.

For the 4th of July race yesterday, I dressed very patriotically.  I dedicated it to my man whose currently deployed.  Even though the race site had listed this place as “San Antonio” it was over 45 minutes away.  Oh well!  The 7:30am start was nice because it wasn’t too hot.  The first mile was mostly downhill, which I was a bit concerned about since I knew the 1st mile and 4th mile were the same, just in reverse.  Miles 2 and 3 were almost entirely not flat with lots of rolling hills.  I finished with a chip time of 43:45 (10:56 pace).  Overall, it was a nice race, despite the heat/humidity and lack of flatness, contrary to the RD.  Entrants got a tech shirt and free food afterward (including watermelon, yum!).  I also saw my friend Scotty at the event.

Before the race:
4 Jul 10 1

Sometime during the race (not sure when):
4 Jul 10 2

After the race with Scotty:
4 Jul 10 3

I hadn’t planned on posting a RR for yesterday’s race, but since I wanted to post today’s, I slipped yesterday’s in too.

Today’s run was also not in San Antonio, despite the site saying it was.  It was almost exactly an hour away.  Late yesterday I was feeling the non-flat race yesterday morning and the non-flat run the day before.  My calves and quads were a bit sore, which I am not used to.  Oh well.

Today’s 5k didn’t start until 9am so I slept in a bit.  It was a really small crowd that showed up, but I’ve learned to never assume anything.  This course was relatively flat with two noticeable inclines that lasted a while.  However, neither one of them was at the very end (unlike yesterday’s race), and it actually felt flat/downhill for the last quarter mile or so.  Oh!  There was a lady on the side of her house spraying runners (who wanted it) with her garden hose when we ran by; that felt very nice!

I finished the 5k with a chip time of 32:37 (which is less than 2 minutes off of my PR) with a pace of 10:30 and felt good.  When I went over to the posted results a few minutes later, I was not only surprised that I was 3rd place in my AG but also that there were indeed people in my AG who finished after me.  The only other races I’ve ever placed in were by default and I just got a ribbon or certificate.  (The only other exception was my first 50k, as I got 3rd out of 3 in that one, but I still felt like I earned it because another girl in my AG who was uninjured quit part way through.)

Anyway, so I not only placed, but it wasn’t by default, and I got an actual medal!  I was super excited!  I actually finished 6th out of 17 females!  I also got to see Scotty again and meet some really friendly runners from around the area who I’d never met before!

Toward the very beginning
4 Jul 10 4

Almost there “floating”
4 Jul 10 5

I think it’s funny how far off the ground I am!  I’m thinking about buying this pic (only $5.50, which is cheap for a race pic)
4 Jul 10 6

Me with my medal (wearing the race shirt because the one I raced in was soaked)
4 Jul 10 7

Overall, it was a great running weekend!



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