2009/03/15: Get Your Rear in Gear 10k (race report)

I was originally not planning on racing this weekend until Scotty mentioned this race and how its cause fit perfectly for a tribute to our own Kayano. I don’t even like the 10k distance, but it’s for Paulette so I decided to go for it.

The race took place in New Braunfels, TX, which is about half an hour north of where I live. The forecast called for rain, and since I’d never really run much in the rain, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It didn’t start until 8:30, which was a perk. I arrived just as they opened a parking area right by the start/finish line, which was a great sign. After picking up my goodie bag, shirt, bib, and chip, I went back to my car since it was a bit cool. Then the rain came. The RD tried hard to get people to come to the start line ten minutes in advance but people really didn’t show up until right before the National Anthem. I was able to say a quick hello to Scotty as we were lining up and got to meet up with one of my non-RWOL running pals.

My goal for the race was 11-ish minute miles with a finish around 1:10. I’ve only run 2 10ks before with times of 1:08 and 1:09. The first mile was just under 11, which I expected since I always start out quicker than I should. Scotty’s already passed me by this time, and when I caught up to him on one of his walk breaks, he asked if I started late. “No, I’m just slow, haha.” He said he was planning on finishing around 1:20, and when I told him he’d probably be faster, he disagreed. He was in total denial about the fact that we’re about the same speed, haha. We ran together for a while and then leapfrogged a bit. The second mile was flat like the first one and just under 11 minutes again. Hmm. The third mile had a large incline that spanned the better portion of that mile, to the tun around. I walked quickly for about 2 minutes on the hill because I realized it was a lot less effort for about the same progress. Trekking up the hill, runners were coming in the opposite direction and I go to see Jographer. The third mile was just over 12, which I figured. Scotty stopped at the turn around to switch around some clothing and such, so I continued on. I was excited to take advantage of the downhill portion on the way back.

The 4th mile was awesome due to all of the downhill. I picked up my speed but it didn’t feel any tougher since I was using gravity to my advantage. This mile was not much over 10. I calculated this put me back on my 11 min pace. Not that I was terribly concerned with pace, but I do mental math when I run to pass this time. The fifth mile was just over 10 also, but I still felt good. Around this time is when the 5k route converged with the 10k route, which meant weaving around a LOT of walkers who were walking 4-6 abreast. No big deal, I was on a roll and still feeling good.

The last mile passed quickly, and Jographer jogged along the sideline for a while with me. And my non-RWOL buddy ran with me at the very end too. Final chip time: 1:05:20. I got a PR by just over 3 minutes (3:02!)
After finishing, I met up with Jographer, Scotty when he finished just a few minutes later, and mmezest and family, who I hadn’t met before. We ate some of the free race food, but the weather seemed to get a lot colder after I stopped running, so I left before too long.

I hope you like puddles, Paulette, because I ran through a bunch of them! All in all, a great race, all for Paulette.



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