2008/09/21: Texas MedClinic Half Marathon (race report–first half marathon)

I ran the MedClinic Missions Half Marathon today in San Antonio. I’d run this distance on several previous occasions, but I’d never run an official Half.

From what I’d read, I THOUGHT the race started at 8am, and I planned on getting there at 7:15. However. I misread one of the directions and after stopping, looking at a map, and finally getting there, it was 7:30. I had to park quite a ways from the start area, but I still thought I had a decent amount of time. However, just after getting my tech shirt, bib, and chip, I hear an announcement telling the half marathoners to begin lining up. WHAT?! As I’m standing there, I take a minute (literally) do do a few stretches before we’re off. As it turned out, I guess the 5k and 10k races started at 8:00 but the Half was 15 minuted earlier.

There were maybe a couple hundred people, so it was a rather small crowd. I didn’t know many people, which I attribute to the fact that I was supposed to do a 12 mile training run with my running group and most people were probably at that.

The course was a loop that only doubled back on itself toward the very end for a mile or so. The scenery was nice as there were lots of trees, some water, and a couple missions we passed. It was also very hilly, though.

I did my typical run/walk thing (4 min run/1 min walk) for the first 9 miles. It worked out well. The last few miles, I used what I had left and just ran it. There were a few people I kept yo-yo’ing with as they were taking walk breaks too. Toward the end, however, since I stopped walking (and they didn’t), I was able to pass and stay ahead of them. The last 3 miles were the most fun for me as I knew I was almost done.

Prior to running the race, I had set an unofficial goal to finish under 2:30. I began to doubt this was going to happen around halfway through the race. I started toward the back of the group at the start line, but rounding the last corner, I saw that the timer said 2:29:XX. WHAT?! I crossed the finish at 2:29:53 with an official chip time of 2:29:23. So, I met my goal.

All in all, a good race. I can’t say I really ENJOY running all the time at the time I’m doing it, but I felt extra motivated during this race. I recently decided to raise money for charity in conjunction with my (first) marathon next month, and I’m gradually reaching getting closer to my financial goal (of $500). I’m running for the National Cancer Coalition. I have a good friend who is a brain cancer survivor, and despite our recent breakup (had been dating 16 months), I know I have his full support for what I’m doing. The race today was essentially just a training run for me, but I had a lot of time to think about the positive impact that’ll hopefully come from raising money from my marathon for cancer research. Every training run, race or not, is bringing me one step closer to my marathon and raising money for a very worthwhile cause in the process.

A couple photos from the race:

MedClinic HM 08 2 MedClinic HM 08



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