2008/09/21: Army-Dillo 32k (race report)

My goals were to finish and not get injured, and I accomplished both of these.

This was my longest run ever by over 4 and a half miles; yes, I know that doesn’t sound smart, but it’s how my USA Fit training schedule is set up.

The course was a series of 3 loops that had several out and backs within them. A half marathon was happening concurrently, and those runners had to do 2 loops. There were some hillier parts, but nothing too terrible.

The race did not start until about 7:45 this morning, so it got pretty hot pretty quick.

I got to meet fellow forumite clifford (tbrd) who recognized me from my avatar; she was nice.

Liza Hunter-Galvan, who placed 35th in the marathon at the Olympics this year, was there and raced. I won’t say I got to meet her, but we exchanged a few words on the course; she said “good job” and and I said “you too” (at that point, she was coming back from a turnaround and was about 5 miles ahead of me, haha).

The first loop of the course flew by. The second one started off okay and then my pace gradually slowed. My third loop was very long and tiresome; I walked quite a few times.

There were a LOT of people from my marathon training group there, so there were always multiple people to encourage/be encouraged by.

All in all, it was a pretty good time. I set a new distance record for myself, albeit a lot slower than I would like. My time for 19.88 miles was 4:10:24.

Only 8 weeks until my first marathon!



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