2008/08/09: Silver Stars 5k (race report–first 5k)

I originally wasn’t planning on posting a race report (RR), but after reading Paul’s RR, I changed my mind.

My day started out with sleeping in until 615. This is the latest I’ve woken up since last Sunday. I had the alarm set for 630, but I kept waking up, and my cats decided it was way past wake up time and wanted to play, so I just got up.

The 5K wasn’t set to begin until 830, but I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going or how crowded it was going to be, so I showed up at 740. I had pre-registered, so getting my shirt, goodie bag, and chip was a very smooth process. I attached my chip and put everything else in the car.

I had plenty of time to do some stretching and just wait. I was keeping my eye out for Scotty as I had a good idea of what he was going to be wearing. I had no idea how I was going to recognize Paul, though. As luck would have it, Paul recognized me from my avatar and came over and introduced himself. He seemed very nice and we talked for a few minutes. As we were lining up, we saw Scotty and I got to meet him too. He’s very nice as well.

As for the race itself… To begin with, I took too long to turn on my Garmin, so it had not gained satellite connection by the time I crossed the start line. In the meantime, I was working my way through all of the people who decided they wanted to start at the front of the pack but not actually run at all. Just over 2 minutes into the race, I noticed my Garmin had finally synched itself, so I now had a distance and pace to go along with the time. However, the distance only started tracking since it linked to the satellite, so I had no clue how far I had actually run, which was slightly annoying.

As Paul reported, the course was relatively boring as it was just around a parking lot, and there was no scenery. Plus, it was getting hotter and more humid as the race went on. I’m used to doing most of my runs before the sun is up.

I saw Paul up ahead a few times during the race, a few bends ahead of me. I also saw Scotty a few times, a bend or so behind me.

I was excited to see a mile marker at mile 2, and noticed that my Garmin was about .25 miles behind. I also noted that I was just under 20 minutes, which made me happy as I was averaging just under 10 minute miles. Coming around the final turn, I was glad to finally see the finish area up ahead. I sped up and passed a few people. I was surprised how much energy I still had at this point in time. As I got closer, I saw Paul on the side cheering me in, which made me happy. I wasn’t sure of my official time immediately, as I had not stopped my Garmin until after my chip was clipped off. Paul said I made it under 31 minutes, though.

Scotty came in just a few minutes after me. The three of us talked for a while afterward, and I got to meet a couple other people who I had not previously known. We stayed around until after the award ceremony, and they posted the official times. It turns out my official time was 30:40, meaning I picked up my pace after the first 2 miles, and my pace was well within 10 minute miles. Paul’s mile pace was over 2 minutes faster than mine, and I was very happy for him. Scotty did very well on the race too and even found some things to take pictures of along the course, so he seemed to have a good time.

This race was a great experience, as it was my first race. Now I want to do more! I now have a starting point, so I can make goals from here. I have a few more races between now and my November marathon, and I’d eventually like to break 30 minutes for the 5K. For now, though, I’m happy with my performance today. By default, I PR’d.

Here is a photo of me with Scotty and Paul (wearing a hat) after the race:

First 5k



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